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EuroFlow™ has performed a concerted effort to standardize the flow cytometry protocols for multiple myeloma minimal residual disease assessment.

The goal was to reach a sensitivity close to 10-5 and remove the subjectivity by defining collection sample conditions, reagent characteristics, acquisition protocols and plasma-cell identification variables.


EuroFlow™ has designed a 2-tube 8-color MM MRD assessment approach which provides an important quality control due to its replicate consistency and precision.

The panel is made more efficient by using lyophilized mixtures which reduces errors, time and costs. Every marker selected has shown to be relevant for the detection of minimal residual disease at a very high sensitivity even in anti-CD38 treated samples.

Omnicyt™ CE-IVD

Omnicyt™ CE-IVD cytometer’s unique and innovative features make it the perfect complement to work with MM MRD samples following the EuroFlow™ protocols. Its acoustic focusing and the volumetric non-pressurized acquisition system allows for the acquisition of up to 25 million events per file without losing relevant information by electronic abort.

The use of flat-top laser beams guarantees the most reproducible and accurate fluorescence measurement possible and, at the same time, reduces the frequency of system calibration.


Infinicyt™ includes innovative automated data analysis tools that, in combination with the EuroFlow™ MM MRD reference database, allows a fast identification and characterization of all cell populations in a sample of interest.

The standardization provided by this approach is completed by the automatic generation of a meaningful report that takes into account the phenotypical findings and validated reference values. This report may be generated in more than 10 different languages.

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Documentation includes the list of required laboratory material, Cytognos MM MRD white paper, relevant articles and much more.

EuroFlow™ book

EuroFlow™ main objectives were to innovate and standardize the flow cytometric strategies, techniques and tools for diagnosis, classification and monitoring of hematological malignancies in order to generate reliable and reproducible results across laboratories and countries. Over the las decade, more than 25 reports have been published by the EuroFlow™ consortium, part of which are summarized in this EuroFlow Educational Book, which contains 17 EuroFlow™ publications sorted in five sections:

1. Standardized immunophenotyping for diagnosis and classification of hematological malignancies.
2. Immunobead assay for detection of fusion proteins.
3. Standardized immunopgenotyping for detection of minimal residual disease.
4. New software strategies for flow cytometric immunophenotyping.
5. EuroFlow Quality assessment program.

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